Our Advisory Board

“No man is so wise that he can afford to wholly ignore the advice of others.” — James Lendall Basford
It takes a village ...


intelli.tours Academic believes that true success is based on working with other to constantly strive to do everything better.

Toward this end, we consult regularly with our advisory board to perfect all aspects of our business.

We invite you to meet the members of the  intelli.tours Academic Advisory Board who provide us insight, advice, ideas, suggestions, and support to ensure that your intelli.tours Academic journey is the the safest, the most secure, the best planned, and a singularly superlative experience.

Kim Hook

Spanish Teacher

“As a teacher for over 20 years, an extensive traveler myself, and one who has experienced the tremendous benefits of student travel, I can honestly say that international travel experiences are some of the most impactful and meaningful learning experiences a student can have.”

Phil Yutzy

Spanish Teacher

“Student travel with a competent cultural and language guide is the best way for students to find motivation and to jump-start their language learning and cultural understanding. My life has been immeasurably enriched by friends from all across the Spanish-speaking world!”

Kate Eberline


“I grew up in Minnesota and Iowa and currently spend my time between Minnesota and Australia. I can honestly say that international travel is the best education, and the sooner one experiences the world, the greater the benefit and the deeper the cultural awareness.”

Jessica Mendez

Spanish Teacher

“When I was in college I had the opportunity to study abroad for 6 months and it changed my life. I continue to travel as an educator of 15 years with public school students, and I have experienced first-hand their growth and have witnessed them thrive when given the opportunity to travel.”

Lisa D'Alonzo

Criminal Justice Professional

“I’ve worked in the justice system for over twenty-five years, and I’ve seen what happens when youth lack a foundation for success and exposure to communities and cultures outside of their own. I know that meaningful travel experiences can change the course of a young person’s life.”

Alejandra Juárez

Oaxacan Professional

“As a mother and business professional in Oaxaca, I know that a visit to this beautiful city full of culture, art, incredible cuisine, and great architecture will open students’ eyes to the richness of Mexican history and the nobility of its people, and build bridges between our cultures.”

Héctor Canseco

Oaxacan Restauranteur

“Oaxaca is a special city and an incredible window on the mosaic of Mexican culture. As a proud Mexican, resident of Oaxaca, and restauranteur, I look forward to welcoming American youth to this great city, hosting you in my restaurant, and joining together in unity, friendship, and understanding.”

Steven Blaski

Author & Foodie

“As a budding poet growing up in a small town, I dreamed of traveling far to be inspired by new experiences. International travel made those dreams come true. As Rilke wrote of travel: “You feel your blood infused with some new intelligence, wondrously nourished by things you had no way of knowing.” 

Robert D'Alonzo


“Over the years I have led trips when I was a high school teacher, and accompanied college students on international trips more recently. I recognize the transformative power of genuine experiences in cultures not our own, and to see each other as fellow human participants in nature’s web of life.”

Brian Pacheco

Communications Specialist

“My high school international travel experience — led by Jeffrey Kirkman — was nothing short of transformative in so many ways. It opened the door to an unquenchable passion for travel and a high degree of respect for other cultures. I continue to travel the world today any chance that I have.”

Lizzie Barlow-Heiss

US Expat

“I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, of Puerto Rican and American parents and grew up in North Carolina. Today, I live in Germany. I know first-hand how international travel and mastering multiple languages are essential to a rewarding life in this increasingly interconnected world.”

M. Ángeles Ugarte

International Adventurer

“I was born, raised, and live in Santiago, Chile. As a mother and traveler, I know that international travel is an essential part of a young person’s education. Only through seeing the world can we see beyond ourselves and truly understand each other and make this world that we share a better place.”

Ary Potts

Hospitality Professional

“I am a California native. When I was 16, I traveled to Europe with my high school Spanish teacher —Jeffrey Kirkman, founder of intelli.tours Academic. I experienced different cultures and this helped shift my ideas of the world as I saw it. I believe all youth, no matter their background, should travel, and do and see things outside of the norm.”

Stephanie H.

Copy Editor

“As a member of a global news team, I know the importance of a global perspective to success. The opportunity to internationalize oneself in high school is one of the most valuable educational experiences that lays the foundation for success throughout life. Were I to have had this opportunity in high school, I would have jumped at the chance!”

Adam Cancryn

“I had the privilege of going on an international educational journey in high school and saw first-hand how life-changing and enriching international travel can be at such a developmental stage in life. Everyone, regardless of background or age, should be given the same opportunity to experience different cultures.”

M. Brownell

Spanish Teacher

“Traveling abroad as a young person to Spain changed my life completely and led me to become a Spanish teacher in Los Angeles for over 30 years. As a teacher I took part in numerous international educational trips led by Jeffrey Kirkman, and I witnessed for myself how, as Euripides so aptly said, ‘Experience, travel, these are an education in themselves.’”

Jack Armenian

Int'l Sales Executive

“I’ve benefited on all levels from my first international journey in high school with Jeffrey Kirkman. I’ve learned that life is bigger than our personal bubble and that understanding and repecting other cultures is invaluable, and it has been integral to my personal and professional success. People from all walks of life should experience this.”

Kelsey Nichols

Int'l Development

“I was lucky to go on an international journey in high school; it changed my life. I saw the world and wanted to see more. Because of that one experience, I continued traveling and now have a successful career in international development. Get out and see the world and never stop — it opens doors and changes your life and in turn you change the world.”