Day 2 — Details

“Travel expands the mind and fills the gap.” — Sheda Savage
Day 2

Discover Oaxaca!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Beverages

Breakfast each morning on your journey will be at the Holiday Inn Express Oaxaca. 

The hotel offers a delicious hot buffet of Mexican breakfast favorites, as well as scrambled eggs and bacon.

In addition, there is an array of pastries, breads, sliced meats, cheeses, fresh tropical fruits, cereals, coffee, hot chocolate, and fresh fruit juices.

You should allow at least 30 minutes for breakfast each morning and plan to be prompt for our scheduled departure time.

After breakfast, we’ll have a brief orientation meeting about the busy week ahead.

We’ll go over the itinerary and everything else you’ll need to know to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of every second of your journey and that you are safe and secure. 

We welcome your questions and participation.

Today we have our first Academic Exploration in Oaxaca.

We’ll introduce you to this amazing city with a fascinating discovery walk through the Spanish Colonial streets of the centro histórico — the historic center — as we make our way toward el Zócalo — Oaxaca’s central plaza.

Along the way, we’ll visit Spanish Colonial churches from the 16th century, and explore many other essential places of daily life in this historically rich city.

Next, your Academic Exploration will take you to the bustling markets of Oaxaca where you’ll have a chance to taste all kinds of Oaxacan specialties, even the local delicacy, chapulines — roasted grasshoppers — tossed in chiles and lime. They’re actually quite delicious! (Don’t worry, there will be no insects in any of your meals on your journey!)

In the markets, you’ll also see the incredible varieties of local chiles and cheeses, the yellowest chickens (signaling a healthy, natural diet), clothing and shoes in all the colors of the rainbow, and herbs and flowers and fruits that will mesmerize you!  

We’ll also learn about the many local artisan items you might want to consider as souvenirs on subsequent markets visits and tours during your journey.

Today’s Academic Exploration takes a slower pace so you can adjust to the altitude — 1,555 meters (5,100 feet) — and soak up the great vibe of Oaxaca.  

For lunch, you’ll enjoy a leisurely meal on a terrace overlooking the Zócalo where you can take in the sights and sounds of the vendors, the families who come to socialize, and the Oaxaca Symphony Orchestra’s outdoor concert. All while you can savor Oaxacan specialties or some of the best sandwiches — with a Mexican twist, of course — that we’ve ever had. (Tip: split a Cuban sandwich and an extra order of fries with a fellow traveler — just a suggestion from experience!)

After lunch we’ll continue our Academic Exploration through Oaxaca.  

Oaxaca is renowned for its artists. We’ll visit some of the most important museums and cultural institutions — the Oaxacan Photography Museum, the Museum of Oaxacan Painters, and the Oaxacan Museum of Contemporary Art.  

As we tour our way around the city, keep your eye out for spontaneous parades marking birthdays, weddings, and other festivities — these colorful, joyous celebrations pop up all over town, virtually all the time! Academic Explorations are all about getting you in touch with the cultural vibe and the reality of Oaxaca and its friendly people.

This is a city of artists — painters, carvers, sculptors, weavers, chocolate-makers, glass-blowers — who practice every craft you can imagine. As we discover more and more of this city’s charms and artistry, we’ll stop at various pop-up artisan fairs so you can experience all the beautiful and creative work close-up.  

We always buy a small piece of original art as a memory of our journeys — maybe you will too!

Our Academic Exploration takes us back to the hotel for an hour or so to drop off anything we’ve purchased, chill out a bit, freshen up, or take a swim in the pool.

Then we’re off to a festive and delicious meal on a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking Oaxaca.

We’ll enjoy local and regional culinary specialties as we savor the 1st dinner of our Academic Oaxaca journey!

There’s really nothing like Oaxaca in the evening — the lights, the colors, the people, the vibe!

After dinner we’ll have time to explore the Santo Domingo area, where all the artisans exhibit their work and families and friends socialize under the trees in front of the Santo Domingo cathedral. It really is a magical place!  

Then, we’re off to the hotel for a good night’s rest in anticipation of our next exciting day on your Academic journey!

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