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“The anticipation of discovering new possibilities becomes my greatest joy.” — Jerry Uelsmann

A journey like none other!

Discover Oaxaca Academic Discover Oaxaca journeys are truly like no other student educational tours.

As if our expert planning, rigorous focus on learning, all-inclusive plan, and prioritization on safety and security weren’t enough, we’ve chosen as our destination Oaxaca, Mexico — it’s not only ranked as one the top must-visit places in the world, it’s also the perfect classroom!  

Nestled in the highlands of southern Mexico, Oaxaca is a multicultural center that boasts ancient Mesoamerican archeological sites, well-preserved Spanish Colonial architecture, markets bursting with color, one-of-a-kind handicrafts, charming street celebrations, and cuisine that has become world renown.

Our 8-day Discover Oaxaca journeys are educational — a travel opportunity like none other offering academic, cultural, and experiential opportunities that create lifetime learners who change the world. 

Oh, and another big perk with us: If no teacher is available to lead a journey in the school, students can join one of our journeys with the recommendation of any teacher — we’ll place them with a small journey-group led by another teacher. There really is no reason not to explore the world with us!

We invite you to discover more below about Academic Discover Oaxaca educational journeys.

Focused on Learning Academic was founded by an experienced foreign language teacher and world traveler who has led innumerable student journeys around the world and believes in the transformative power of travel for high school students.

Our Discover Oaxaca journeys are curated like the perfect lesson plan each day to ensure a travel-learning experience for students that will open minds, spark intellectual curiosity, and serve as a learning-affirming experience that lasts a lifetime.

Our experience confirms to us that students will look back on their Discover Oaxaca journey and constantly benefit from the learning and cultural exposure in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits throughout their lifetimes.

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All-Inclusive Journeys Academic Discover Oaxaca journeys are all-inclusive — really, we mean it! We include virtually everything — except passport fees, travel protection, and personal expenses.

Our $2999 all-inclusive journey fee includes:

Roundtrip airfare, including a checked bag; all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner — even on travel days); beverages at meals; 7 nights’ lodging at the Holiday Inn Express Centro Histórico in the Spanish Colonial center of Oaxaca; all tours, activities, and events; an 8-day in-room snack and beverage box; treats and beverages on all daily tours; all gratuities; and all ground transportation in the destination.

All you need is a little cash —  $100 will do — for souvenirs and personal expenses

See, we mean it when we say that we include everything in our journey fee!

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Oaxaca Is Amazing! 

Our 8-day Academic Discover Oaxaca journeys offer an incredible opportunity to learn, experience, and marvel in all the magic that this incredible Mexican jewel — one of the longest-inhabited spots on the North American continent — has to offer.

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s top tourist destinations, Oaxaca will amaze, thrill, and inspire you — and stay with you long after the journey ends!

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During the Journey! 

Our 8-day Academic Discover Oaxaca journeys are packed full of exciting daily explorations, discoveries, events, activities, and great meals. 

We invite you to visit our “During Your Journey” section to learn everything you’ll need to know about what it’s like on our journeys — including a typical day, free time, hotel accommodations, meals, rules, flights, and, of course, how to ensure that your phone will work!

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Safety & Security

Let’s face it: No matter how great the destination, how expert the planning, how rich the learning opportunities, the bottom line is that each and every traveler needs to be safe and secure. 

We prioritize safety and security in everything we do and in every aspect of our Academic Discover Oaxaca journeys.

Nothing, simply nothing, matters more to us than the safety and security of every traveler!

Most important of all is that you know that Oaxaca is a safe and secure destination and that we travel non-stop on either American or United Airlines from Dallas or Houston, respectively, with no layovers or changes of planes in Mexico.

We invite you to learn more about our Safety & Security specifics and see for yourself how absolutely seriously we take your well-being on our journeys.

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General Booking Details

To review all the important details before you book your Academic Discover Oaxaca journey, we invite you to visit our Journey Booking Details page where you’ll find specifics on all that is included as well as how to book a journey and other important information before you book your journey.

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