Join by Recommendation

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Travel with us ...

No Teacher Leading a Group? No worries ... Academic understands that for some students who wish to join us on a journey, there is no teacher in their school to lead a group.

Not to worry! We have a solution for you to join us in Oaxaca!

Join by Recommendation Academic offers you the option to simply have a teacher in your school recommend you for one of our journeys. 

With your teacher’s recommendation and our approval, you’ll be placed with an approved Group Leader — a credentialed teacher or other adult professional — so that you can join one of our unforgettable academic journeys to Oaxaca. 

Your assigned Group Leader will travel with you and your group of 4 to 5 other students to and from Oaxaca and will be your organizational contact on your journey.

Prior to departure, we’ll hold a video conference with you, your Group Leader, and other students in your travel group so that everyone can get acquainted.

Other than the recommendation, these are the only other requirements:

  • You should have an overall grade point average of a C or better.
  • Your should have no serious disciplinary history.

The process is simple:

1. Have your teacher agree to recommend you. (This can be any teacher at your school.)

3. Provide your teacher with the following information:

  • Your complete name
  • Your birthdate
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Your Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s complete name
  • Your Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s email 
  • Your Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s phone number

4. Await our confirmation of our receipt and approval of your recommendation.

5. Follow the details in the confirmation email and register for your Academic journey.

Once you register and are closer to your travel date, we’ll provide you the contact information for your Group Leader.

In advance of your journey, we’ll hold an online meeting with your Group Leader and the other 4 to 5 students in your travel group so you can meet and get acquainted.