Expert Planning

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

Real learning requires time to think & reflect ...

WE PLAN OUR DAYS PERFECTLY Academic journeys prioritize learning, and each day is organized around clear learning objectives and specifically chosen locations and activities for academic enrichment. 

As educators, we know that lasting learning takes place when a student has a chance to reflect, compare, contrast, and truly consider what has been taught, seen, and experienced.

On our Discover Oaxaca journeys, we always plan for students to have such moments, whether it’s time to explore a historic site on their own after an informative visit, take the perfect photograph of a location that caught their interest during the exploration, or to just relax and sip an exotic fruit juice and appreciate an incredible view.

We also know that travel is all about relaxation and fun. We always plan for some downtime in the afternoons before dinner so that students can unwind, decompress, and create those important social memories with other travelers.

We invite you to explore the academic components and the itinerary of our journeys and discover for yourself the expert planning and attention we put in every detail: