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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” — Gustav Flaubert


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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Academic is happy to answer all of your questions about being a teacher-chaperone on our educational journeys to Oaxaca.

We invite you to scroll through this brief FAQ for answers to some of the most basic questions.

Also, check our webinar tab for our scheduled twice-weekly live webinars for teachers and, separately, for parents and students.

If anything crosses your mind that we haven’t covered, just drop us an email, contact us, chat with us online, or give us a call!

How do I sign up?

It’s very easy!

Just click on the I’M INTERESTED button below and complete the simple registration form and you are all set.

It couldn’t be easier!

How much time will this require before traveling?

Honestly, it really won’t require that much of your time in advance of traveling as we’ll do most of the work for you.

Remember, we’ve been where you are. We set this business up to make it simple for teachers and to avoid much advance planning on their part.

Once you’ve registered yourself, we’ll send you the easy next steps for you to let parents and students know about the trip.

We can even contact parents for you on your behalf.

We have twice-weekly live webinars for parents to discuss to the journeys. We address their questions and then follow up with them on your behalf. We also take care of the follow-up on payments and other details.

Our goal is simple: To make this easy for you! 

Just tell us what you need!

What liability issues will I have?

Really, none — none at all.

Moreover, Academic leads the journey and takes full and complete responsibility.

Our Booking Terms & Conditions releases you from liability.

We are insured and bonded. Our coverage protects you all along they way from start to finish.

How do I promote the trip?

If we’ve learned anything while promoting trips, it’s that you never know who will be interested — so promote it to everyone.

We also suggest letting other teachers know about the journey since their students can join with your group; if you get another 5 students, another teacher can travel for free. If there are teachers whom you think would be interested, just let us know and we’ll send them the information they need.

We also accept parents, so promote to them as well.

We’re happy to contact parents and students for you. What has worked best for many teachers is to send the parents and students whom they believe will be interested an email letting them know they’ll receive an email from with an educational travel opportunity that you think would benefit their child.

Finally, remember: We can do a lot of promotion for you via email and Facebook — so just let us know!

What If my school requires administrative approval?

Not a problem at all!

Just tell us what you or your administrators need and we’ll get it to you. We’re even happy to contact administrators on your behalf.

We’re insured, registered, and legal.

So, no worries!

What about a non-school-sponsored journey?

Most all the journeys that we led as teachers were NOT school-sponsored travel. We contacted parents and students from our personal emails and stated clearly that the trip was NOT a school-sponsored event.

We didn’t discuss the trips at school. (We’re happy to do all the parent contacting for you so you don’t have to use class time.)

We have the documentation to send to parents so that they know that the journey is not sponsored by the school and that you are serving as a chaperone on your own time.

It’s just another option to consider and totally up to you!

Are there any age restrictions?

Students must be 14 years of age by the departure date for the journey.

What if I can't get 5 students?

Don’t worry. Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. We’re here to help you.

Since we offer teachers the option to recommend students even if the teacher can’t or isn’t interested in traveling, we may have students from your area to add to your group.

We’ll figure it out together!

What if more than 5 students register with me?

Our safety and security plan for our journeys is based on 1 adult per 5 traveling students.

However, if you have 6 to 9 students who register to travel with you, we can discuss with you the possibility of offering each paying student a discount on their paid journey fee. If approved, we will rebate a specific amount to each traveler.

Another possibility is that we may approve a specified discount amount to the registration of an additional traveler in your group.

Any such arrangement is at our discretion, and the possible discount will vary based on the journey and the number of students in excess of the standard 5.

In all cases, each parent in your group will be required to sign a waiver accepting a teacher-student ratio greater than our stated 1 to 5 teacher-student ratio.

We’d like to state, again, that our teacher-student ratio is based on our prioritization of the supervision, safety, security, and positive experience of all travelers. Therefore, any arrangement as outlined herein is speculative and based on our determination and consideration of our stated policies and best interests of the entire traveling group on the journey.

What if something happens and I can't travel?

Don’t worry: We cover you for the value of your trip with travel insurance. This travel insurance also covers you for virtually anything that happens on the journey.

What if I just want to recommend a student?

That’s great and we appreciate it!

Just click on Recommend a Student under the Teachers menu tab at the top of any page.

What about the travel to and from Oaxaca with my group?

Don’t worry! We’ll make sure it’s a seamless experience!

Once your travelers are registered, we’ll set up a video conference with you to go over the simple, easy plan and answer all your questions about getting to and from Oaxaca.

Before the journey, we’ll hold a video conference with you and your group and go over everything you and they need to know.

Here’s a quick overview: You’ll meet your group at the airport and travel with them to Oaxaca. We’ll have taken care of all the logistics and have a complete plan ready for you in advance. We’ll be in touch with you all along the way; we even provide you Wi-Fi access on the flights so we can stay in touch.

Also, there is no change of planes outside of the United States. You will connect to your American or United non-stop flight to Oaxaca in either Dallas or Houston. Layovers are not too long either and you and the students have travel funds included in your journey fee for food and beverage along the way.

We’ve got you covered!

What if there's a flight delay or cancellation along the way?

Not to worry. We require that all travelers have travel protection to cover trip delay.

So, in the rare case of delay of more than 5 hours that causes you and your travel-group to miss a connection, or a canceled flight that requires an overnight stay, we will organize all the necessary details for you, including transportation, lodging, and food.

We will be following your flights and your arrivals into transfer points and will have solutions ready for you on the spot. All you will need to do is follow our simple instructions.

We always have your covered!

Can the journey have a Spanish-language focus for my students?

Yes, we’re happy to work with you to make this a Spanish-focused journey.

When you register your interest in joining a journey, you’ll be asked if you want a specific focus. When you request this, we’ll work with you to make that happen on your journey.

What if I want a special focus or some special activity?

Just let us know, and we’ll work with you to create and organize it provided your objectives work with the journey’s overall itinerary and organization. There may be an additional cost per student. We can’t promise that we can meet every objective, but we’ll do our best to meet your wishes.

Can Academic do a presentation on Oaxaca for my class?

Yes! We would be happy to give a presentation on Oaxaca for your class.

We can do a presentation, usually through Zoom, either referencing the trip or not referencing the trip, as you choose.

We focus on the indigenous cultures of Oaxaca, the food, and the Spanish Colonial architecture. However, we can customize our discussion however you would like.

More Questions?

We welcome your questions!  

Chat with us on online  •  Visit our ccontact page  •  Call or text: +1.888.521.6046

More Questions?

We welcome your questions!  

Chat with us on online
Visit our contact page
Call or text: +1.888.521.6046

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