The Academic Difference

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel

We're teachers, trusted partners & travel professionals ...


We know travel. We know students. We know student travel. Academic was founded by a public high school teacher with a passion for travel and education who has led multiple international student journeys, lived and worked around the globe, flown over 1.5 million miles, and led teacher-training initiatives for a major student travel company.

Our all-inclusive journeys offer more than the standard student travel options. Our journeys are expertly curated for student learning and enjoyment, and we always prioritize safety and security in all we do.


We are teachers. We understand our business from a teacher’s perspective. We understand our business from a student’s perspective. And we understand our business from a parent’s perspective too. We just get it! You can trust us, and you can count on us in every way.

We are travel experts. We know travel planning. We know student travel. We only include destinations that we know intimately. We’re personally involved and invested in every single detail of every journey. We know how to organize the best, the safest, and the most rewarding journeys!

We believe that safety and security is everything and prioritize it above all else. We take no risks, ever. We leave nothing to chance. We plan, and plan again, for everything. Nothing matters more to us than the safety and security of each traveler. Rest assured, you’re safe and secure on our journeys.


We include EVERYTHING! Our journeys are ALL inclusive: Airfare. Lodging. 3 meals a day. Even meals on travel days. Snacks. Beverages. All tours. All activities. All events. All gratuities. And, a checked bag! All you need is about $100 for souvenirs and any personal expenses. Our all-inclusive journeys are the best value in student travel.

We believe that quality matters in everything we do. Everything we include on our journeys is top quality — from hotels to personnel, from services to tours, meals, and snacks. We accept only the best. We try, taste, and test everything before approving and including anything. The quality of our journeys and our service is unparalleled. 

We pride ourselves on exceptional service. We know all of our customers. Most of the time you’ll speak with the owner and founder, Jeffrey Kirkman — who also leads our journeys to Oaxaca. Every traveler matters to us. Call us. Email us. Chat with us. Text us. Travel with us, and see for yourself what exceptional service is all about.


We make learning front and center on our journeys. We provide pre-journey learning modules to give students advanced context and perspective.  We all tours, activities, events around clear learning objectives and essential questions. We engage students in discussions to compare, contrast, and engage in higher-level thinking. We’re teachers.

We care about all travelers.  We are patient. We are understanding. We are empathetic. We are compassionate. We know that travel takes you out of your comfort zone and we strive to create comfortable and rewarding travel experiences that allow students to grow, explore, learn, and thrive. We create a sense belonging for everyone.

We are firm believers in diversity and inclusion. We embrace the individuality of each and ever traveler. We know that true learning takes place in a safe and secure environment in which each student can bring their unique experiences, perspectives, and knowledge to the group and we can learn from each other’s as we explore new places.