“I think food, culture, and people are all absolutely inseparable.” — Anthony Bourdain

Oaxaca is all about food ...

We Take Food Seriously! Academic takes food seriously on your journey to Oaxaca. After all, Oaxaca is considered Mexico’s culinary and gastronomy center — and its remarkable cuisine takes center stage.

Our travels have taught us to regret more what we didn’t try than what we did try, so we encourage you to try a bite of everything. If you don’t like it — no worries! If you do like it — have some more!

We even include an 8-day snack and beverage box full of delicious local treats and drinks for travelers to enjoy in their hotel room.

Plus, every day on tours and excursions we buy student local treats and drinks so that they don’t miss one single opportunity to savor all Oaxaca has to offer.

In fact, so that everyone can enjoy a tasty memory of their journey once back home, we organize a fun supermarket excursion where to pick up some of the many wonderful local food items that can’t be found at home.

Feast your eyes on the photos below of some of the amazing foods you’ll enjoy on your journey to Oaxaca: