What’s Included?

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” — Anaïs Nin

It's amazing all that we include ...


intelli.tours Academic are all-inclusive.

Unlike most student travel companies, we include lunches, beverages at all meals, treats and bottled water on tours, and in-room snacks and drinks. Really — everything except souvenirs!

Oh, and there are never any extra charges on our journeys to see and experience all you traveled to see!

We even cover meals and travel expenses to and from Oaxaca on travel days. After all, getting there is half the fun, so why shouldn’t your journey begin the moment you arrive at the airport and end only once you land at home on the return!

The bottomline is that our all inclusive journey fee save you money! You don’t have to travel with an additional $500 or more for travel day expenses, lunches and beverages each day, snacks, gratuities, and optional activities: We include it all!

On our journeys, you can leave home with as little as $100 to cover souvenirs and personal expenses and not have a worry in the world as you’ll have plenty to eat, drink, see, do and experience as it’s all included in our journey fee.

Check out everything we include:

What’s Included?

Our all-inclusive journey fee includes:

  • Round-trip Airfare to and from a US departure city and Oaxaca.
  • $150 intelli.tours Academic Travel Card for food, beverages, required checked luggage, etc.*
  • A Checked Bagon outbound and inbound flights.**
  • Accommodations in the Holiday Inn Express Centro Histórico with private bathrooms. 
  • intelli.tours Academic Intelligence Officer24/7 for the entire journey.
  • All Gratuities covers hotel, guides, dining, drivers.
  • Breakfast each day — including travel days via intelli.tours Academic Travel Card.
  • Lunch each day — including travel days via intelli.tours Academic Travel Card.
  • Dinner each day — including travel days via intelli.tours Academic Travel Card.
  • intelli.tours Academic Snack Box — local snacks and beverages for the entire journey.
  • Bottled water on all toursactivities, and excursions.
  • Snacks, Treats, and Local Delicacieson all tours, activities, and excursions.
  • Airport Transfers at the destination.
  • All Ground Transportationin the destination.
  • All Tours, activities, and events — all sightseeing tours, activities, events, and excursions.
  • Feesentry fees, access charges, and other sightseeing fees.
  • Local Guideslicensed, insured professionals.
  • intelli.tours Academic Journey App — for the traveler and parents/legal guardians.
  • intelli.tours Academic Luggage Tags 

* The intelli.tours Academic Travel Card of $150 is $75 each way on each travel day in the form of a debit card for travelers to use for any expenses — including baggage fees — while traveling to and from Oaxaca.

** To facilitate flight transfers and layovers, and to avoid forgotten or lost baggage during layover and flight changes: All Travelers are required to check any bag that will not fit under the seat in front of them on their flights. Gate checks are NOT allowed: Bags must be checked with the airline at the ticket counter when checking in for flights. The cost of this requirement — currently $30 — is covered by the intelli.tours Academic Travel Card — the value of which will increase to reflect any increase in the cost of checked baggage for 2020 and will always leave each traveler a minimum of $45 each way on travel days for food and other expenses after the cost of a checked bag.