Learning & Academic Credit

“Experience & travel — these are an education in themselves.”― Euripides

Creating lifetime learners ...


intelli.tours Academic lives up to its name by prioritizing learning on all journeys.

We don’t just lead student tours, we lead educational journeys that are truly all about learning and inspiring the intellectual curiosity that creates lifetime learners with a global perspective who change the world.

As a student travel company founded by a teacher who has led student educational journeys for years, we look at every single day on our journey as a new learning opportunity in a living classroom.

We focus all of our explorations and discoveries on essential questions to connect previous knowledge with our daily learning and to compel thoughtful comparisons and contrasts.

As believers in higher education, we also support students in earning academic credit for their journey either through programs that we recommend or credit options of a student’s choice.

Explore below more about learning before and during your your visit to Oaxaca, and earning academic for your intelli.tours Academic journey.