Oaxaca — Details

“To Travel is to Live.” — Hans Christian Andersen

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intelli.tours Academic is captivated with Oaxaca. We never cease to be amazed by this magical city, its people, its, many cultures, its food, and its incredible happy vibe.

There is always something new to see, to discover, and to learn.

There is always a new element of culture, history, and creativity that enlightens us.

And, there is always something new to taste and experience.

Oaxaca is the perfect destination. And our journeys to Oaxaca offer the perfect international classroom!

Discover a few fun facts about Oaxaca: 

Oaxaca is the most ethnically diverse state in Mexico.
It is home to 16 of the 65 ethnic groups in Mexico.


54% of Oaxaca’s population is indigenous — the largest in Mexico. 
Of the 570 municipalities in Oaxaca, 418 are predominantly indigenous.


Monte Albán, close to Oaxaca, was one of the first great cities of Mesoamerica.

Historians and archeologists date its founding to 500 BCE.

 Oaxaca is one of the most biodiverse states in Mexico.

It has over 3,800 flowering plant species and 635 bird species.

Oaxaca has the highest percentage of indigenous language speakers in Mexico.

There are 16 different indigenous languages spoken in Oaxaca.
35% of Oaxacans speak an indigenous language.
Only 6% of the overall Mexican population speaks an indigenous language.

Benito Juárez, the only indigenous Mexican president was from Oaxaca.

Juárez is a symbol of Mexican nationalism and resistance to foreign intervention.

Oaxaca is known as “the land of the 7 mole sauces.”

Each of the state’s 7 regions produces a variation of the spicy mole sauce.