How Safe Is Oaxaca?

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” — Judi Rell

The facts, just the facts ...

How Safe Is Oaxaca?

Both the state and city of Oaxaca are deemed safe by the US State Department.

In fact, Oaxaca is safer than many of the popular Mexican beach resorts and cruise destinations that Americans frequently visit.

The US State Department specifically states that there are NO travel restrictions or advisories for Oaxaca City.

Travel advisories that do exist for the state of Oaxaca pertain to the Isthmus region of the state along the southern Pacific coast — over 6 hours away from the destination of your Academic journey and an area that we do not visit.

(For specific details see: Mexico Travel Advisory page and scroll down to Oaxaca.)

Safety: Oaxaca & Major US Cities

Oaxaca has a lower crime index and higher safety index than many American cities that students and families visit frequently and without worry.