Oaxaca — “Wa-HA-ka”

"The anticipation of discovering new possibilities becomes my greatest joy." — Jerry Uelsmann

One of the world's great destinations ...

Magical & Cultural Oaxaca!

intelli.tours Academic selected Oaxaca (Wa-HA-Ka) as our primary destination for so many reasons that we don’t know where to begin to tell you all about the charms and offerings of this incredible city — one of the worlds’ great cultural, arts, and culinary destinations.

Frankly, extolling its many charms can sound almost too superlative to those who haven’t discovered Oaxaca, yet too subdued to those who’ve had the pleasure of getting to know it.

The cultural options are endless. The food is sublime. The history is enthralling.

Oaxaca is the perfect student travel destination — for learning, exploring, discovering, and enjoying.

As the regional tourism bureau says: ¡Oaxaca lo tiene todo!  

Oaxaca has it all!

Discover below why travel experts consistently rank Oaxaca as a top world travel destination — and why we know that an intelli.tours Academic Discover Oaxaca journey to this this incredible city is the perfect destination for student educational travel:

#5 of Top 15 Cities of the World

The Travel + Leisure 2019 World’s Best Awards survey — where readers weighed in on their travel experiences around the globe — ranked Oaxaca as #5 of the Top Cities in the World!

World’s Best Awards


#1 on Cultural Destination Wishlist

Oaxaca topped the Culture Trip Wishlist — a list that pinpoints the hottest cultural destinations to visit based on search data and global contributor expertise — as the #1 hottest cultural destination in the world!

Culture Trip Wishlist


#5 of 21 Places You Need To Visit

National Geographic Traveler ranked Oaxaca #5 of Places You Need To Visit in the annual ranking by their editors of the must-see destinations around the globe. 

Places You Need To Visit


1 of 19 Global Best Places

Oaxaca made CNN Travel’s 19 Best Places To Visit — a list of the world’s top destinations by travel editors and global travel enthusiasts who described Oaxaca as a city that is “a sight to behold.”

19 Best Places To Visit


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