How Safe is Mexico?

“Safety isn't expensive, its priceless.” — Jerry Smith

Just the facts ...

US STATE DEPARTMENT GUIDANCE FOR MEXICO Academic includes only destinations that the US State Department-Bureau of Consular Affairs deems safe for travel.

In addition, we visit all destinations multiple times to confirm for ourselves the safety and security of every aspect of the journey.

The US State Department uses a 4-category appraisal of precaution for international destinations based on the risks a country presents to US visitors:

Mexico is ranked at Level 2. 

In other words, Mexico has the same ranking as major US travel destinations in Europe, such as France, Spain, the UK, and Germany.

Just as in the United States, specific areas in Mexico are notably more dangerous than others; a few states in Mexico are ranked at Levels 3 and 4.

NO Academic journey goes to nor passes through any area above Level 2. In fact, our journeys to Mexico only go to Oaxaca.

We take no risks with safety and security on Academic journeys.

Flights on Academic journeys to Oaxaca will be to and from your home city via either Dallas or Houston, and then non-stop via Dallas or Houston to and from Oaxaca.  

At no time will there be layovers or aircraft changes in Mexico.