You’re Registered — Next Steps

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Chinese Proverb
Get ready for the a journey like non other ...

You're Registered!

We’ve received your registration to join us on an Academic Discover Oaxaca journey.

So, what now?  

Please explore the information below about next steps:

(So that you can refer to this information as needed, the link to this page is also included in the registration confirmation email we sent you.)

Join a Teacher Webinar

We invite you to join an Academic Teacher Webinar to learn all about our journeys, including:

  • How we’ll do all the work for you to promote the journey to your parents and students.
  • How we take care of  billing and payment details.
  • How we follow up and take care of all travelers’ questions.
  • How we handle all pre-trip set-up and planning for you.
  • How we take care of every single detail on the journey.
  • How parents and students sign up.
  • All about Oaxaca.
  • Your role on the journey.
  • Everything else you want to know.

You can find all the details about these weekly webinars by visiting: Teacher Webinar Details

Create an Email List

The easiest first step is to create an email list of the students and parents you believe will be interested in hearing about the journey.

Here are two options to create the list:

Google Docs:

To use this file, follow these steps:

Open the file: Traveler List

Follow the instructions on the linked file to complete the list and share it with us.

If you don’t have access to Google Docs, you can still complete the list and download it as an Excel worksheet and email it to us at

Other Methods:

You can share any list with us by email. Please include the foll0wing information:

  • Parent first name and last name
  • Parent email
  • School name
  • School state
  • Journey departure city and date

Share the the information with us as an attachment to

With a list there are 2 options:

  1. You can send it to us by email and we can contact the parents on your behalf and tell them about the journey you have selected and invite them to visit our site and to join a Journey Webinar.
  2. We can provide you a formatted email that you can send to those on your list telling them about the journey and inviting them to visit our site and to join a Journey Webinar.
Invite Parents to Join a Webinar

We invite you to have parents and students join an Academic Discover Oaxaca Webinar to learn all about our journeys, including:

  • How to book
  • Payment options
  • All our Discover Oaxaca journeys
  • Safety, security, and rules
  • Everything they need and want to know

You can find all the details about these twice-weekly webinars by visiting: Journey Webinar Details

If you would like us to host a Journey Webinar specifically for you and your participants, just let us know and we’ll set one up per your schedule and happily invite attendees on your behalf.

(If you would like us to contact potential travelers about these webinars and invite them on your behalf, just visit our contact page and send us a message and we’ll be happy to do so.)

Travelers Can Book Now!

You’re all set for your travelers to book their Academic Discover Oaxaca journey now!  

All they need to do is:  

  • Visit our booking page here: Book Now!
  • Choose their city and departure date.
  • Have parents and students sign up.
  • Enter your name for “Teacher Name” where requested on the booking form.
  • Complete the required booking information.
  • Get ready for the journey of a lifetime!
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