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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" — Chinese Proverb


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Keeping it simple is key ...


intelli.tours Academic makes it simple for you to get started — and we’re serious when we say we do all the work! 

All you need to do is let us know you’re interested, then share our website address with students and parents and let them know about the twice-weekly live webinars we hold for them.

Oh, and we offer twice-weekly live webinars for teachers, too, where you can learn more about our journeys and chat with other teachers traveling with us.

So, as the saying goes: Just Do It! (You’ve really got nothing to lose and everything to gain!)

Here are the two easy steps:


Complete the Sign-Up Form 

Complete the form so we have you registered and know of your interest.

  • Our Teacher Sign-Up form is simple and easy.
  • All you need to do is express your interest in joining a journey.
  • All you need is 5 students to travel for free!
  • Even if you aren’t sure about 5, register anyway!
    (We may have students recommended for travel whom we can add to your group to help you reach 5 and we may need additional teachers to travel.) 

No cost. No strings. No obligation.
Signing up is just telling us you’re interested!


We'll Confirm By Email With Details

Once we receive your Teacher Sign-Up form, students can begin to register immediately!

  • Students and parents should visit our site and explore the journey.
  • Student registration is easy — just click BOOK NOW and choose departure city and the journey.
  • We hold once-weekly live webinars for teachers to learn more about participating on a journey.
  • We hold twice-weekly live webinars for parents and students to learn about our journey. 

Remember: Our goal is to make it simple and easy for you!
We do all the work!

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