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“The best journeys are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.” — Rich Ridgeway


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Before The Journey

intelli.tours Academic is focused on learning even before your journey begins.

As teachers, we know that when students come to class with the relevant background knowledge, deeper and more lasting learning happens.

As travelers, we know that the more knowledge that students have about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the destination, the more they’ll learn, enjoy, connect, and retain.

So, before the journey — starting about 60 days before departure — we’ll share with all travelers, parents, and guardians links to a series of online learning modules. Of course, we will share this with you too!

These brief, engaging, well-illustrated presentations will provide the essential background and context about Oaxaca, its people, its history, its culture, and the fascinating  the places we’ll visit and things we’ll do to ensure that students arrive to Oaxaca with a concept of where the are and what they will learn.

Students will complete a brief questionnaire after each module to provide us with relevant information about what they found most interesting, what questions they have, and what else they are curious to know and learn.  We will use this information to better tailor explorations, discoveries, and activities to the learning goals of each student and to edify our overall learning objectives for the journey.

Our goal is that each traveler be fully prepared to successfully take full advantage of the rich learning opportunities on the journey and to make every second count in Oaxaca!  

Please read below to learn a bit more about each learning module:

Mexican & Oaxacan History

This history module provides an understanding of Mexican and Oaxacan history from pre-Hispanic times through today, highlighting important historical events that have helped shape modern Mexico and Oaxaca as well as relevant connections with US history.


The culture module will explore the people of Mexico and their cultures. Students will gain perspective into the similarities and differences between the many native peoples of Mexico and how the numerous indigenous groups who have passed through the area and called the region home have shaped Oaxaca. This module will also touch on elements of Mexican and Oaxacan cultures that form a part of US contemporary culture.


The art module focuses on how art — as a form of human expression — thrives in Mexico and Oaxaca from indigenous arts and crafts to the contemporary merging of pre-Hispanic, Spanish Colonial, and modern creative artistic expression. This module will also highlight Mexican and Oaxacan influences in US arts.


The architecture module provides insights into pre-Hispanic and Spanish Colonial architecture and their historical influences on each other as well as their combined influence on contemporary Mexican and Oaxacan architecture and design. This module will also connect historic and contemporary architectural trends in the US that come from Mexican and Oaxacan influences. 


The cuisine module highlights how the native foods and preparation methods of pre-Hispanic Mexico and Oaxaca merged with Spanish Colonial culinary customs to create the fusion that is today’s Mexican and Oaxacan cuisine, whose renown has influenced food and cooking across the globe. This module will also contrast Mexican and Oaxacan cuisines with the Tex-Mex and contemporary Mexican cuisines in the US.


The language module focuses on the indigenous languages of Mexico and Oaxaca, the history of Spanish,  and how Mesoamerica languages thrive today and have influenced contemporary Spanish and English. This module will also highlight the history of the Spanish and  indigenous languages in the US.

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