Your Role on the Journey

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” — Hellen Keller


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Above all, enjoy every second ...


First and foremost, we want you to enjoy every single second of every single day in Oaxaca. Academic manages everything on the journey, so your role — aside from enjoying every yourself and the students — is to support the journey-personnel, be the eyes and ears for your journey-group, and focus on security and safety of all travelers.

Here are your key responsibilities on the journey on an Academic Discover Oaxaca journey:


Travel with your group to & from Oaxaca 

Teacher-chaperones travel with their journey-group from their US departure city to Oaxaca via Dallas or Houston.

  • We will provide you with every single detail and all the information you’ll need.
  • We will be in communication with you all along the way.
    • We pay for in-air Wi-Fi for you to communicate with us along the way.
  • Flights are from your home city to Dallas or Houston and then nonstop to Oaxaca.
    • All travelers are required to check their luggage so you won’t luggage issues during a layover.
    • We will provide you clear instructions for plane changes in Dallas or Houston.
    • We have plans in place in case of delays or flight cancellations. (All travelers are required to have trip delay travel protection and will initiate those solutions should such arise. All you will need to do is follow our instructions in such an occurrence. We’ll handle it all!)
  • We only use American or United Airlines with non-stop flight to and from Oaxaca via Dallas or Houston. (There are NO layover, plane changes, or transfers in Mexico.)
  • Mexican customs and immigration will take place in Oaxaca. (The Oaxaca airport is a small, well-organized, safe, and pleasant facility. The customs and immigration process is fast and easy.)
  • Your Academic Intelligence Officer will meet you and your group at the airport Oaxaca.


Support journey-personnel in Oaxaca

We have everything planned. We ask for you to support our staff  the safety and security of your journey-group. 

  • Support journey-personnel during the journey.
  • Participate in all meals, tours, activities, and events.
  • Ensure that everyone in your journey-group participates in all meals, tours, activities, and events.
  • Be the contact person for your journey-group at all times.
  • Be the eyes and ears for your journey-group with a focus on security and safety.
  • Ensure that your journey-group follows all rules and guidelines.
  • Ensure that your journey-group is always punctual.


Be Our Teaching & Learning Partner

We value your participation as an educator and we welcome your participation as a respected participant in learning on the journey.

  • We welcome your advise and observations about our learning objectives.
  • We look forward to your engagement as an educator on explorations and discoveries.
  • We anticipate your participation in lunch and dinner learning and reflection conversations.
  • We invite your participation in the evening cultural exchange event.
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