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“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” — Ibn Battuta


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Passion, experience, expertise, commitment...


Passion, experience, expertise, commitment...


intelli.tours Academic was founded by a public school teacher who led multiple international student journeys for over 15 years.  
(Learn more about intelli.tours Academic founder Jeffrey Kirkman

We understand teachers. Because we are teachers.

We have one single focus for participating teachers:

Traveling with us is easy, rewarding, fun, and beneficial.

We know from experience precisely what to do to make incorporating international educational travel an easy and enjoyable reality for every teacher.

And we also know that our exceptional journeys — designed for exploration, discovery, and expanding knowledge — will enhance your classroom and ignite a passion for learning and traveling in your students.

Here’s what sets intelli.tours Academic apart for teachers and makes us your best partner for student educational travel:

We Are Teachers 

We understand from experience what it means to have the passion to share travel with your students and the challenge of balancing your classroom, your day-to-day as an educator, and your limited personal and professional time.

  • We organized our business around our experience as teachers leading student travel.
  • We know the joy and fascination of traveling with students.
  • We understand that your time is limited.
  • We know that you need time to unwind and decompress.
  • We respect your concerns about taking students on an international journey.
  • We set our business up to do all the work for you!

We’ll Handle It All Before Departure

Teachers are busy. So we do most — actually all — of the work for you.

  • We will promote the journey for you and do all the work; just let us know who’s interested.
  • We host twice weekly webinars for parents, students, and other interested travelers. (See details here:  Webinars For Travelers) 
  • We host weekly webinars for teachers to answer all of your questions. (See details here:  Webinars Teachers) 
  • We will handle student and parent calls for details and information.
  • We will manage all payments.
  • We will manage documentation, reminders, and all other trip-related details.
  • We will have everything ready for you to make departure day a breeze.

We Manage Everything on the Journey

We manage everything before and during the journey. We ask only that you lend support to the journey-personnel and your journey-group, that you offer your knowledge, experience, and insight — and, most all, that you enjoy every second of the journey!

  • We have a clear set of rules and guidelines for all travelers.
  • We organize full, engaging days so you don’t have to worry about occupying students’ time.
  • We plan hands-on, active, involved tours so students are fully engaged.
  • We have a detailed safety and security plan anticipating every possible occurrence.
  • We require all travelers to have travel insurance.
  • We provide you with total support.

We Include More For Teachers & Students

We understand that student travel is costly. So we include more and offer travel experiences of exceptional learning to you — the teacher — and to your students. Unlike most student travel companies, we include ALL of the following:

  • Travel FREE with just 5 students
  • Single accommodations for Group Leaders
  • Complimentary travel insurance for Group Leaders
  • Recertification credits
  • $150 for Travel Expenses for checked bag, food and beverage
  • All meals every day
  • Beverages at all meals
  • An 8-day in-room snack and beverage box 
  • All tours, activities, and events.
  • Snacks, treats, and bottled water on all tours
  • All ground transportation in destination
  • All gratuities

Truly, an intelli.tours Academic journey will cost you absolutely nothing as a teacher, other than some really cool souvenirs you may purchase!

Can’t Travel with Your Students? We Have a Solution  

We understand that sometimes you just can’t travel, but that you believe in the value and benefits of student educational travel and may know students who would benefit from a travel experience.

  • We provide a travel-by-recommendation option for teachers to recommend students. (Recommendation)
  • We manage all the contact with the student — all you do submit an online recommendation form.
  • We have Group Leaders willing to receive students into their journey-groups.
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