What Travel Protection Covers

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” — Judi Rell

Peace of mind, safety, and security ...

What Does Travel Protection Cover?

intelli.tours Academic believes that having a travel protection plan is always a wise choice.

But, aside from being a smart decision, let’s be honest:

You are sending your child on an international trip with us, and we want to make sure that your child is safe and well-taken care of on the journey. We’re sure that you want the same.

Our experience tells us that, as with most insurance, one rarely has to take advantage of what a travel plan protection offers. But should unforeseen events happen, that protection provides both a great benefit and a huge relief.

We believe so strongly in the importance of travel protection on student journeys that we would include it in our journey fee if we could, but insurance industry regulations prohibit us from doing so.

So for just $75 to $100, you can rest assured that your child will be covered and taken care of no matter what happens — and we can have that peace of mind as well!

Please read below for a few unforeseen events to consider for which a travel protection plan provides coverage and protection and puts your mind at ease. Of course, these are general examples, and specific coverage and benefit amounts will be based on the plan you select.

What if your child takes ill or a family member dies before departure?

With a travel protection plan, your journey investment would be covered. 

What if there’s a family emergency at home while your child is on the journey?

With a travel protection plan, the unused value of the journey and the cost to get your child back home would be covered.

What if flights are delayed or canceled and one must spend the night in Dallas or Houston?

With a travel protection plan, lodging and food would be covered. 

What if your child takes ill or is hurt on the journey?

With a travel protection plan, medical expenses would be covered.

What if your child loses his or her passport on the journey?

With a travel protection plan, replacement expenses would be covered including the cost for extra lodging and airline ticket changes.

What if there is natural disaster or some other event that makes travel impossible?

With a travel protection plan, your travel investment would be covered.

What if there is an event in the destination that cuts the journey short?

With a travel protection plan, you would be covered for your lost portion of the journey and any additional costs to return home.

The information above is for example purposes only and is based on common coverage categories and benefits amounts as generally offered in travel protection plans. Nothing in any example or explanation is intended to guarantee any specific coverage or benefit. Your coverage and benefits will be per the specific terms and conditions of the travel protection plan that you select. Our minimum requirements reflect what we believe to be the minimum benefit amounts that one should consider for the referenced coverage categories. In no way do our minimum requirements reflect any inside knowledge as to what may be necessary as coverage or benefit amounts that may be necessary in the case of an emergency or any other event. You are responsible for your travel protection plan selection. Our recommendations for online travel protection plan providers is merely a courtesy and does not indicate our preference for those providers nor any connection with us and that provider. All information provided on our site relative to travel protection should be discussed and confirmed with a travel protection provider including exact coverage, benefit amounts, and terms of the same.