Travel Protection — Requirements

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” — Judi Rell

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Requirements & Recommendations Academic requires that all travelers have a valid travel protection plan prior to departure.

Here are the details of this policy:

  • The travel protection plan must meet our minimum requirements.
  • Documentation of your plan must be submitted no less than 45 days before departure.
  • Assignment of claim proceeds to us to ensure the direct reimbursement to us of any claimable losses we may have to pay on your behalf during your journey

Here are our recommendations and minimum requirements:


Trip Cancellation

Up to 100% of Trip Cost 


Trip Cancellation Coverage is not required.
Trip Cancellation is generally included with most travel protection plans and allows you to cancel your journey for specifically defined reasons for up to 100% reimbursement of prepaid and non-refundable costs. Cancel For Any Reason: This is coverage to protect your trip investment for a more comprehensive set of covered cancellation reasons and often, depending on the plan, up to a day or two before the journey begins. Many plans have requirements that the travel protection plan be purchased within, for example, 14-21 days of the initial (first) trip payment in order to include “Cancel For Any Reason”  coverage. We suggest that you pay close attention to these purchase requirements and conditions if you’re interested in this coverage. 


Trip Interruption

100% of Trip Cost minimum

Travel Delay Coverage of at least 100% of the journey fee is required.
Trip Interruption is generally included with most plans for up to 100% or more of the total trip cost and for a specific set of reasons as defined by the policy. This coverage is like trip cancellation coverage, but goes into effect after the trip has begun. We require travel delay coverage of a minimum of 100% of the trip cost. Some plans offer up to coverage for up to 150% of prepaid and non-refundable trip costs to cover additional charges to change airline tickets and other such expenses.


Travel Delay

$300 / $150 Per Day minimum
6 Hour Delay maximum

Travel Delay Coverage of $150 a day and no more than a 6-hour delay is required.
Travel Delay coverage is generally included with most plans. This is important coverage should there be a flight cancellation or lengthy delay. The benefit will cover, based on the plan specifics, a certain amount per day of delay after a specific number of hours of delay. The benefits include lodging, transportation, and food. Please be sure to check the daily amount and the number of hours of delay before the benefit takes effect. We require a minimum of $150 per day for this coverage and no more than 6 hours of delay. The total benefit will vary by policy and your total should cover at least 2 days of benefits. For instance, at $150 per day, if the total benefit is $300, then it covers 2 days as required.  


Baggage Delay

$100 minimum


Baggage Delay Coverage is not required
Baggage delay is generally included with most plans with varying benefit amounts. This benefit covers the costs for toiletries and change of clothes, for instance, if a bag is delayed. There is also a time frame — generally 12 to 24 hours — for the bag to be delayed in order for the benefit to kick in. We recommend a 12-hour minimum. 


Emergency Medical

$15,000 minimum

US medical insurance is generally not accepted abroad.


Medical Expenses Coverage of at least $15,000 is required. 
Medical coverage is one of the most important travel protection coverages and is a central component of most plans. This coverage is imperative to have in order to cover medical expenses you may have on your journey. We require a minimum of $15,000 of coverage. Our recommendation is a minimum recommendation; many plans offer higher medical coverage, or a slightly more expensive plan may offer higher coverage. Pre-existing conditions: Many plans have requirements that the travel protection plan be purchased within, for example, 14-21 days of the initial (first) trip payment in order for pre-existing conditions to be covered. In addition, all plans have a “look back” period. We suggest that you pay close attention to these purchase requirements and conditions.


Emergency Evacuation

$50,000 minimum

Emergency Evacuation Coverage of at least $100,000 is required
Emergency evacuation is generally included with most plans and is an important reason to purchase travel protection. This coverage provides a benefit amount, based on the policy, to cover you in a medical emergency on your journey in which you may need, for example, an air ambulance to get home or to the best hospital to attend to you. We require a minimum of $100,000 of coverage; many plans offer higher medical evacuation coverage, or a slightly more expensive plan may offer higher coverage. Repatriation benefits are included in many plans in the event of a more grave event.

Additional Information

You may wish to discuss with the company you consider for travel protection these additional coverages. Most of these options have purchase time requirements and/0r additional costs:

  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver 
  • Cancel for Any Reason

Any and all information about travel protection is for the purpose of explanation and example only and is based on common coverage categories and benefits amounts as generally offered in common travel protection plans. Nothing in any example or explanation is intended to guarantee any specific coverage or benefit nor to promote any specific travel protection provider or travel protection plan. Your coverage and benefits will be per the specific terms and conditions of the travel protection plan that you select. Our minimum requirements reflect what we believe to be the minimum benefit amounts for the required coverage categories. In no way do our minimum requirements reflect any inside knowledge as to what coverage or benefit amounts may be necessary in the case of an emergency or any other event, and only represent what we believe is the minimum benefit coverage you should consider. Our minimum coverage requirements are no indication that you should not consider additional coverage and higher benefit amounts for the same. You are solely responsible for your travel protection plan selection, and we assume no responsibility for any plan that you select and that we approve as meeting our minimum requirements. No information we provide on our website, by phone, by email, or by any other means of communication indicates our assumption of responsibility for your choice of a travel protection plan even if you base your decision on any advice or any information we may provide you. Our recommendations for online travel protection plan providers is merely a courtesy and does not indicate our preference for those providers nor does it indicate any connection with us and those providers. We receive no compensation for any plan that you select from any travel protection plan provider that we may reference on our website or in any communication with you about travel protection. All information provided on our website relative to travel protection should be discussed and confirmed with a travel protection provider, especially exact coverages, benefit amounts, and terms of the same.